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DLP MBA – Distance Learning Programme MBA is one of the most “on Demand” distance learning courses in India. It is also ranked at a very significant position among the universities offering Master of Business Administration course in the Distance Learning Programme mode, see rankings. Let’s leave the stats behind and have a look at the whole program at a glance.

A degree in business administration is one of the most popular courses being pursued today. There are a large number of colleges and institutions which offer MBA degrees or PGDM programs.

The most coveted programs are the ones offered by top notch B-Schools like IIM, Symbiosis, etc. However, not everyone qualifies for these courses and there are many who are unable to study full time for various reasons. The regular courses are also very expensive and this might be a deterrent for students wishing to pursue an MBA but are unable to afford the expensive colleges.

One need not lose hope as there are other ways to pursue an MBA from a good college/institution. We will focus on distance learning programs as one such method to pursue an MBA.

DLP MBA,Distance Learning Programme MBA

Why Choose Distance Learning Programme MBA?

DLP MBA is one of the largest providers of Distance Education in the world. There are many advantages unique to DLP MBA as far as distance learning program MBAs are the concern.

Some major advantages are list below:

  • Authenticity -: The University Make by the Government of India and is an autonomous institution under it. This makes the courses offered by DLP MBA very legit.
  • Affiliations -:  The DLP MBA from is affiliation to both AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) as well as the UGC (University Grants Council).
  • Modularity of the MBA Program -:  The Distance Learning Programme MBA by DLP MBA design in such a way that the learner has multiple exit points. This means that if you drop out at some point, there is a high opportunity you get at least a Diploma in Management (or) similar diplomas because you might have completed the course combinations require for being award a diploma.
  • Low Cost -: The fee for the course is comparatively less compar to other Indian universities offering Distance Learning Programme MBA.

DLP MBA Specializations Available

The distance learning program MBA can allow you to specialize your MBA in any one of the following streams:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Markets training
  • Healthcare Management

The specialization stream should be specified during the time of admission.  There is a provision for specifying your specialization during the time of admission to the distance MBA program.

Validity of Distance Learning Programme MBA

Distance Learning Programme approves by the University Grants Commission and AICTE. This makes it agreeable anywhere in India. Recruiters might have their own set of norms for the candidate they prefer and varies widely from company to company. The placement prospects for the program varies from firm to firm. If you have the right set of skills along with a distance MBA, you are always a contender for a better job.

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